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Bottom Ash Handling and Sand Recycling Solutions by Laitex

Bottom ash is a byproduct of fuel combustion that settles at the bottom of the boiler rather than in the flue gases. Its efficient handling and sand recycling are essential components of boiler operation and environmentally friendly energy production. Laitex provides comprehensive solutions for bottom ash handling and sand recycling, suitable for various boiler types and fuels.

Bottom Ash Handling Process:

The bottom ash handling process begins with the collection of ash from the bottom of the boiler. This coarse component includes ash, slag, sand, and unburned particles. To prevent ash from rising with flue gases, it is removed and processed into a storage tank.

The bottom ash is cooled using cooling screws or scraper conveyors, after which the cooled ash mixture is transferred to screening. During screening, sand is separated from ash, and the sand is recycled back into the boiler. Ash and oversized particles are directed into storage containers.

In certain boiler types, bottom ash is removed from the boiler using a wet ash conveyor. This method ensures that unburned material is extinguished, and wet ash is transferred to a storage facility.

Laitex Solutions:

Laitex offers comprehensive material handling solutions for bottom ash handling and sand recycling. The company has delivered various systems worldwide, considering boiler size, type, and fuel.

Hot ash requires robust equipment that is designed for extreme conditions. The company’s durable cooling screws and scraper conveyors are designed to withstand extreme conditions. These devices rapidly cool ash by several hundred degrees, and their operation is tailored to meet customer needs.

Material screening typically involves the use of screens such as Drum Screen or Vibrating Screen to separate coarse and fine materials. Sand is separated from ash and recycled back into the boiler. Pneumatic conveyors are an efficient option for long distances, especially if the silo is located far from the boiler building.

Comprehensive Service from Laitex:

Laitex provides comprehensive material handling solutions to our customers. We handle design, automation, electrification, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and offer on-site support, staff training, and maintenance, and life cycle services. Planned and preventive maintenance, along with spare parts delivery, ensure the seamless operation of the systems.

Laitex’s material and process expertise ensures a continuous material flow, promoting sustainable energy production and environmentally friendly operations.