Lieksa biorefinery at night.

Towards a cleaner future: Laitex solutions included in new Lieksa bio-oil refinery

Laitex signed a full scope delivery agreement with Green Fuel Nordic Oy, according to which Laitex will supply material handling solution for new bio-oil refinery. Laitex’s delivery scope also includes equipment installation, electrification and automation management with three years service agreement.

“The most important thing for us is quality and commitment to common goals. Laitex’s experience and expertise combined with flexibility and the recognition of our needs convinced us.”, says CEO of Green Nordic Fuel Oy Timo Saarelainen.

Laitex’s promise “Flow Must Go On” is particularly well actualised at Lieksa’s new bio-oil refinery. “Laitex’s strategic mission is to keep the customers development flow swift and to promote a cleaner future. Lieksa’s bio-oil refinery will fully fulfil both goals.”, says CEO of Laitex Oy Lasse Kurronen.

Green Fuel Nordic Oy’s Lieksa production plant is a new operating model in which renewable forest-based raw material from the immediate vicinity of the plant is processed into high-quality bio-oil. The pyrolysis-based production uses raw material by-products from forest industry, such as sawdust from sawmills and tree crowns – which would otherwise be hazardous waste. Trees from first thinning are also optimal raw material.

Bio-oil can be used as heating fuel and refined into transport fuel, as well as raw material for the chemical industry and plastics. The biomass used by Lieksa’s bio-oil production plant is 100% renewable with net zero carbon footprint. “Customers are now looking for suppliers with expertise in managing the flow of biomaterials in particular. Laitex’s ability and commitment to “Flow Must Go On”-operation in both material flow and overall solutions is now generally desired.”, says Kurronen.

Green Fuel Nordic Oy is a Finnish bio-refining company whose business concept is based on utilizing innovative pyrolysis technology already in commercial use to produce second-generation bio-oil. Renewable Finnish forest biomass is used as raw material, providing a new breeding path for valuable forest assets. Utilizing ready technology will accelerate the start-up of refineries and commercial bio-oil production and enable decentralized energy production. Soon, the company will build several bio-oil mills near the raw material in Finland. At the same time, it contributes to achieving the targets set for Finland’s renewable energy production and supports the strengthening of energy self-sufficiency.

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