Model of plan that handles biomass.

Fuel handling system for power plant

Haapajärvi, Finland



  • Year of delivery: 2020
  • Plant: 20MWth biomass
  • Fuel: Wood chips, sawmill by-products, untreated recycled wood


  • Fuel storage, screening & metal separation
  • Fuel feeding & ash handling
  • Biomass handling & treatment
  • Dust removal system
  • Electrification & automation
  • Erection, commissioning & training

Haapajärvi overview

Fuel handling system for a heating plant in Haapajärvi was one of Laitex’s successful turn-key solutions. Haapajärven Lämpö needed a supplier for their plants’ fuel handling and biomass treatment.

Haapajärven Lämpö invested in a new 20 MWth fluidized bed boiler plant that uses wood chips, sawmill by-products and untreated recycled wood as fuel. Laitex started the biomass handling equipment deliveries and installations in the early 2020’s and the plant was commissioned February 2021.

"Laitex has been a flexible partner that has responded quickly to project requirements. We have been satisfied with Laitex's knowhow and its expertise served our investment excellently."

Janne Alpua, CEO at Haapajärven Lämpö Oy

New fuel handling system

Laitex provided a new fuel handling system to Haapajärvi. The fuel handling system included an 800 cubic meter four-block chain discharger, a conveyor to the screening building, screening with iron separation and over-size crushing as well as a conveyor to the boiler’s day silos. In addition, the fuel handling system included process equipment such as dust removal systems, automation, instrumentation, and electrification.

Delivering the equipment

Full-scope deliveries such as Haapajärvi are ideal for Laitex.

“We have significant expertise as a technology and project supplier for biomass treatment. When combined with 35 years of experience in the material handling industry, we have a winning concept as a full-scope supplier of fuel handling in power plants of this size.”, says the company CEO Lasse Kurronen.

Orange biopower plant in Haapajarvi.
chain conveyor to day silo
bottom ash conveyor

Related solutions

Fuel yard model in blue.

Fuel yard

At fuel receiving, the raw material begins the process towards its conversion into energy. Laitex's full scope solutions for fuel handling give the keys for successful power plant operations.
3d power plant with fly ash handling system

Fuel feeding

The fuel feeding system is a critical part of the whole process for boiler operation and energy production. With proper fuel feeding system plant operates functionally and efficiently.
3d model from bottom ash handling system.

Bottom Ash Handling & Sand Recycling

Bottom ash handling refers to the process of removing and processing ash, slag, sand, and non-combustible particles from the bottom of a boiler to containers or a bunker. Our well-planned solutions increase efficiency and production capabilities of the plant's operations.
Blue pneumatic conveyor to blue ash silo.

Fly Ash Handling

Fly ash is generated in fuel combustion process. It's important to collect and process so that it doesn’t enter in the atmosphere and nature. Laitex creates mechanical and pneumatic solutions for fly ash collection, conveying, handling, and storing.