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19th Nordic Filtration Symposium. Techno-Sustainability and Circular Economy

The 19th Nordic Filtration Symposium brought together experts from various industries to share insights on filtration and dewatering systems. Among the distinguished speakers was our Vice President of Sales Mr. Timo Kupsanen delivered a speech on the topic “Future trends in material handling systems for minerals processing”. Specifically, the speech delved into advancements in battery materials conveying, tailing management, and the utilization of twin screw mixers to achieve higher-grade concentrates. This article aims to summarize the key highlights of the speech, shedding light on the exciting developments in these areas.

Battery Materials Conveying:

As the demand for battery materials, such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel, continues to rise due to the growing electric vehicle industry, efficient conveying systems are crucial. Mr. Kupsanen emphasized the need for innovative conveying technologies to handle these delicate and valuable materials. The development of specialized conveyors such as Laitex’s Pneumatic Conveyors that minimize degradation, contamination, and losses during transportation,  is key to ensuring the integrity and quality of battery materials. Also, Laitex’s pneumatic conveyors have flexible layouts – vertical and horizontal and are suitable for use with up to 400oC degrees materials. These advancements and features enable smoother logistics, improved material handling, and reduced waste, thus contributing to both techno-sustainability and the circular economy.

Tailing Management:

The responsible management of tailings, which are the by-products of mineral extraction processes, is a pressing concern in the minerals processing industry. Mr. Kupsanen highlighted the importance of sustainable tailing management practices that minimize environmental impact and optimize resource recovery. Advanced material handling systems are being designed by Laitex to facilitate efficient tailings management. By adopting technologies our customers can gain additional value from tailings, ultimately aligning with the principles of the circular economy.

Twin Screw Mixers for Higher-Grade Concentrates:

Achieving higher-grade concentrates is a continuous pursuit in minerals processing. During the Symposium the role of twin screw mixers in this endeavor was discussed. These mixers offer superior mixing capabilities for mixing filtered cake and slurry. By precisely controlling mixing parameters, such as rotation speed, temperature, and residence time, twin screw mixers enable enhanced mineral processing efficiency, resulting in higher-grade concentrates. This advancement not only maximizes resource utilization but also reduces energy consumption and improves overall process sustainability.

Integration of Techno-Sustainability and Circular Economy:

Throughout the speech, Mr. Timo Kupsanen emphasized the importance of integrating techno-sustainability and circular economy principles into material handling systems for minerals processing. By embracing these principles, industries can minimize their environmental footprint, optimize resource utilization, and promote a sustainable future. The advancements discussed, such as specialized conveyors for battery materials, sustainable tailings management, and twin-screw mixers for higher-grade concentrates, exemplify the industry’s commitment to these principles.

To sum up, the focus on battery materials conveying, tailing management, and the utilization of twin screw mixers for higher-grade concentrates underscores the industry’s dedication to advancing sustainability and circular economy practices. By implementing innovative technologies and optimizing material handling processes, companies can improve operational efficiency, minimize waste, and contribute to a greener and more responsible minerals processing industry. These developments pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future in mineral extraction and processing.

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