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The Heroes of Laitex’s Services Projects: A Conversation with Swastik Pokharel

Finding the Path to Project Engineering

Swastik’s journey into project engineering wasn’t a linear path. Initially drawn towards fluid and thermodynamics with a desire to work in research and development, his interests gradually shifted towards project management. This transition was sparked during his university studies, where he engaged in project-based courses, often assuming leadership roles. “Managing schedules, overseeing final reports, and contributing to the design process felt natural,” Swastik recalls. It was here that he realized project management was his true calling.

One defining factor that makes project engineering his career of choice is the ever-changing nature of the work. Swastik admits, “I would get bored very quickly if I had to do the same thing all the time.” In the service business, he experiences diversity daily. His responsibilities encompass site visits for measurements and inspections, project design, planning, and overall project management. The dynamic nature of service-oriented projects ensures that no two days are alike, keeping the job consistently engaging.

The Power of Effective Communication and Teamwork at Laitex

Swastik acknowledges that effective communication and teamwork are the bedrock of success in a service-oriented role. He shares a recent project where collaboration was paramount. The project involved addressing overheating issues in a customer’s screw conveyor bearings and bearing housing.

To achieve their common goal of preventing overheating, Swastik worked closely with the customer and various departments within Laitex. The journey began with identifying and inspecting the issue alongside an experienced service advisor and the customer. Swastik, along with the advisor and the technology department, meticulously considered all possible causes while keeping the customer informed. Technical data regarding the equipment was sought to ensure a comprehensive solution.

Once the probable cause was identified, multiple solutions were proposed, including replacing the old bearings with new ones. The tight schedule demanded swift action from the purchasing department and their workshop. Remarkably, the entire project, including on-site installation, was completed within five working days, underscoring the crucial role of effective communication in meeting tight deadlines.

Balancing Diversity and Learning

When we asked about his favorite aspect of being a Project Engineer, Swastik highlighted the diversity of work. “Every day is different, and I get to learn new things from many different projects,” he emphasizes. However, he’s not blind to the challenges. “Personally, the most challenging aspect is probably the knowledge. I am still at the beginning of my career, so I feel like I still have got much to learn.” Swastik believes that accumulating knowledge from different industries will empower him to craft innovative solutions and think outside the box.

The Drive for Innovation

Innovation is a driving force in Swastik’s approach to project engineering. Efficiency serves as one of his key motivators for seeking innovative solutions. “I like to be efficient in what I do while maintaining a high quality of work for Laitex’s clients,” he explains. Innovative solutions not only enhance efficiency but also positively impact project quality, costs, and schedules.

Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential, especially in demanding roles like project engineering. Swastik acknowledges the job’s demands and the temptation to continue working even after office hours. To strike a balance, he consciously devotes his free time to hobbies and activities he enjoys. This deliberate separation between work and personal life helps him unwind and recharge.

A Vision for a Greener Future

As we wrapped up the interview, we asked Swastik about his dream project, one unburdened by constraints. His response resonates with a vision of a greener future. “I believe in a greener tomorrow and have been getting very curious and interested in green energy systems,” he shared. His dream project would involve contributing to renewable energy solutions or green transition.

In conclusion, Swastik Pokharel’s journey exemplifies the importance of strong teamwork, effective communication, and a commitment to innovation in service-oriented businesses. His passion for diverse challenges, coupled with a vision for a sustainable future, inspires us to celebrate the dedication and expertise of project engineers like him in creating a better world for Laitex’s Clients and generations to come.

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