Laitex Oy Provides Material Handling Solutions for Outokumpu’s Biocoke Pelletizing Plant in Tornio, Finland

Laitex Oy, a leading provider of material handling technology and solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with Outokumpu, a global leader in sustainable stainless steel.

Photo credit: Outokumpu

Laitex Oy is honored to provide essential equipment and systems to facilitate the establishment of the biocoke pelletizing plant*. Biocoke produced from biomass such as forest and wood industry residues, serves as a sustainable alternative to fossil coke in stainless steel production.

In accordance with the agreement and in alignment with Outokumpu’s vision for sustainability, Laitex Oy will supply a range of tailored solutions, such as material receiving systems, quality control measures, storage and silo solutions, pneumatic truck receiving lines, and product loading systems, all integral to the pelletizing process for biocoke.

“Our scope of supply for Outokumpu’s biocoke pelletizing plant includes a comprehensive range of tailored solutions, from material receiving systems to product loading systems. We are dedicated to providing efficient equipment and technologies that support Outokumpu’s vision for reducing carbon emissions and promoting the use of renewable raw materials in stainless steel production.” underlines Timo Kupsanen, Vice President, Sales at Laitex Oy.

Through this collaboration, Laitex Oy confirms its commitment to sustainability goals and contributing to a greener future.

As a partner, we are dedicated to delivering innovative material handling solutions that promote sustainability and drive positive change within the industry.,” says Lasse Kurronen, CEO at Laitex Oy. “Partnering with Outokumpu allows us to leverage our expertise in material handling technology to support Outokumpu’s ambitious sustainability goals.”


*In Outokumpu’s new pelletizing plant, externally sourced biocarbon will be pelletized into biocoke.

If you want to discover more information about Outokumpu’s biocoke project in Tornio, Finland please visit:,-finland-to-accelerate-the-reduction-of-direct-emissions-3375120