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Laitex Oy now is using 100% renewable green district heating

Laitex Oy has taken a significant step towards a more sustainable future by announcing its transition to entirely renewable energy sources. The company is proud to announce that it now uses 100% Green District Heating, produced at the Kaukaan Voima combined heat and power plant.

Green District Heating is an energy production method that utilizes by-products from the forest industry, such as bark, sawdust, and forest residue, for heat generation. The use of these renewable fuels makes Green District Heating a carbon-neutral heating method that does not increase atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

The company’s decision to switch to entirely renewable energy sources reflect its commitment to environmental protection and responsible business practices. Green District Heating is the choice of an environmentally conscious and responsible company, that promotes sustainable development.

As a result, CO2 emissions decreased by a total of 2.43 tons in 2023, which is a significant achievement for the environment and demonstrates Laitex Oy’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and transitioning to more sustainable material handling equipment production.

“This decision reflects our commitment to sustainable development and environmental responsibility. We strongly believe that businesses must take responsibility for the environment, and this is one concrete step towards that,” says Lasse Kurronen, the CEO of Laitex Oy.

Laitex’s HSEQ Team Lead Jussi Pääkkönen emphasizes the significance of the decision: “We are extremely proud to now fully rely on renewable energy sources. It shows that we can make responsible choices that benefit both our company and the environment.”

Laitex Oy’s transition to 100% renewable Green District Heating marks a step towards a more sustainable future, where energy production is environmentally friendly and responsible. The company hopes that this example will encourage other businesses to follow suit and make similar choices to protect the environment and promote sustainable development.