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Blue pneumatic conveying system and ash handling system in grey power plant.

Nancy, France

Laitex delivered ash handling equipment to a biomass-fired grate type boiler. The supply included Pneumatic Fly ash handling, Fly ash storage and unloading equipment, Wet ash handling and Dry ash handling.

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blue concentrate refining system with long chain conveyor

Tennessee, USA

New solution for smelter feed handling in Tennesee, USA, is part of enabling novel capabilities to recycle hazardous and non-hazardous precious metals from water treatment slurries, bag house dusts and other production residues.

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Grey model of sludge incineration plant and conveyors in blue.

Rovaniemi, Finland

The material handling system for sludge incineration plant was part of the first Endev’s test plant for commercial use in Rovaniemi, Finland. Laitex delivered the plant with sludge incineration conveyors.

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Grey plant with ESP lime dust conveyors in blue.

Kymi, Finland

ESP lime dust conveying system was delivered to Kymi, Finland to meet the increased capacity. After the upgrade, mill’s yearly production capacity increased to 870 000 tons of bleached pulp.

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Mode of a bio-oil refinery with blue fuel handling system.

Lieksa, Finland

Green Fuel Nordic Oy’s bio-oil refinery plant uses 100% renewable forest-based raw materials in its production. Laitex’s supplied the plant with material handling system.

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Model from bulk material handling system in oil shale processing energy plant.

Ida-Virumaa, Estonia

A Laitex customer upgrades its oil shale preparation plant in Ida-Virumaa, Estonia. Laitex delivers technology and provides process automation for the plant’s oil shale preparation expansion.

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Model of power plant with blue fuel feeding and ash handling equipment.

Ust-Ilimsk, Russia

Two bark boilers (BB4 & BB5) in Ust-Ilimsk were modernized with new fuel feeding, ash handling and sand recirculation systems to enhance green energy production.

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Plant in Gueandenloupe and a fuel feeding system in blue.

Le Moule, Guadeloupe

Coal to biomass conversion made Guadeloupe’s Le Moule power plant a user of 100 % locally produced biomass. The power plant has reduced its CO2 emissions by 87 %.

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Power plant in Bazancourt with blue ash handling equipment.

Bazancourt, France

Laitex designed and supplied a fuel feeding system and ash handling equipment for the 45 MWth Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) boiler.

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