Metsä Fibre Sawmill Elevator Renovation


Project Overview

Metsä Fibre Lappeenranta sawmill, a leading player in the forestry industry, required a complete renovation of its elevator system. The elevator had critical components, such as chains with cups and axles with wheels, that had been extensive wear and needed replacement. However, this presented a unique challenge as the original conveyor system was not supplied by Laitex, and Metsä Fibre did not possess any detailed documentation.




The project’s success depended on precise measurements, custom part modeling, manufacturing, and, finally, a seamless installation, all within tight time constraints, with maintenance breaks lasting only a few hours.

Laitex, renowned for its expertise in elevator solutions and unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction, undertook this challenging project with determination and precision.

Service Project Highlights

On-Site Measurements:

The Laitex team visited Metsä Fibre Lappeenranta sawmill during scheduled maintenance breaks to take precise measurements of the elevator system. This involved a thorough examination of the existing system and its unique specifications.

Custom Part Modeling and Manufacturing:

Using the collected measurements, Laitex’s engineering team meticulously designed and modeled the required replacement parts. These custom parts, including chains with cups and axles with wheels, were then manufactured with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Installation Expertise:

Once the parts were ready, Laitex deployed its skilled installation team to Metsä Fibre’s sawmill. The installation phase was carefully coordinated to minimize downtime, with the team working around the clock to ensure efficiency.


The elevator renovation project was executed with remarkable efficiency and precision. Despite the challenges presented by the lack of original documentation and the tight maintenance breaks, Laitex delivered outstanding results. The entire installation process was completed in just 5 days, with the team working around the clock to ensure minimal disruption to the sawmill's operations.

Customer Satisfaction

Metsä Fibre Lappeenranta sawmill was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the elevator renovation. The new components performed flawlessly, improving the efficiency and reliability of the elevator system. The successful project was officially acknowledged with a reference permit from Metsä Fibre, solidifying Laitex's reputation as a trusted partner for elevator renovation solutions.

Laitex is a reliable partner for the life cycle services and MAINTENANCE

Metsä Fibre Lappeenranta sawmill now counts Laitex as a reliable and innovative partner for their future projects, knowing that we can consistently deliver outstanding results, even in the face of unique challenges and demanding timelines. At Laitex, we take pride in providing exceptional solutions that meet and exceed our customers' expectations, and we look forward to continuing to support Metsä Fibre and others in the forestry industry with their elevator and conveyor system needs.