Bulk material handling solutions for activated carbon

At Laitex we aim to deliver sustainable solutions that not only meet the evolving needs of industries but also contribute to a greener and more prosperous future. That’s why our R&D and Product Development Team explores the potential of different emerging and new materials. One such material is activated carbon.

Activated carbon’s exceptional adsorption properties make it a cornerstone material in numerous processes. Its high surface area and porous structure enable it to capture and remove impurities, contaminants, and odors from liquids and gases. From water purification and air filtration to gas separation and wastewater treatment, activated carbon is pivotal in ensuring cleaner and safer environments.

Activated carbon’s adaptability extends to a wide array of industrial processes. In pharmaceuticals, it serves as a crucial ingredient in medication formulations and purification processes. In food and beverage production, it aids in the removal of impurities, colorants, and undesirable flavors. Moreover, activated carbon finds application in environmental remediation efforts, such as soil and groundwater treatment, mitigating the impact of pollutants and contaminants.

Our R&D team explores the potential of handling activated carbon to address challenges and optimize performance in various industrial settings, thereby enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

Our approach focused on addressing the unique challenges posed by the sensitivity and explosiveness of activated carbon, ensuring both safety and efficiency throughout the handling process.

Central to Laitex’s solution is the cooling of activated carbon post-combustion, a critical step to stabilize the material for further handling. Employing cooling screws, in one of our projects the temperature of the activated carbon is reduced from a scorching 650 degrees to a manageable 60 degrees. This not only safeguards the integrity of the material but also minimizes the risk of potential hazards associated with high temperatures.

Once cooled, the activated carbon is conveyed into storage silos, where it awaits further processing or packaging. Here, Laitex’s expertise in designing robust equipment tailored to handle sensitive materials shines through. By systematically proportioning the size and speed of the conveyors and rotary feeders, Laitex mitigates the risk of explosions, ensuring a smooth and secure transfer of activated carbon.

The careful design considerations undertaken by Laitex underscore the complexities involved in handling sensitive materials like activated carbon. Every aspect of the equipment, from the feeding hoppers to the silo unloading mechanisms, is meticulously engineered to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining optimal performance.

Beyond the technical aspects, Laitex’s solution exemplifies a commitment to innovation and sustainability. By optimizing the handling process, energy consumption is minimized, contributing to both cost savings and environmental stewardship. Moreover, the seamless integration of their equipment streamlines operations, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

As industries continue to evolve, innovative solutions in bulk material handling will play a pivotal role in unlocking the full potential of materials like activated carbon, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future.

Laitex continues to lead the way in pioneering advancements that shape the material handling industry of tomorrow.