Chain conveyor in refinery's smelting line.

Chain conveyor and airlock feeder

Nadezhda, Russia



  • Year of delivery: 2022
  • Plant: Waste heat boiler
  • Material: Flue dust


  • Chain conveyor – Capacity 30 tons per hour
  • Airlock feeder – Capacity 25 tons per hour
  • Diverter gate – Capacity 25 tons per hour

Nadezhda overview

Waste heat boiler equipment to Nadezhda, Russia included tailored chain conveyor and airlock feeder. Laitex’s scope of supply included equipment that convey Flas Smelting Furnace (FSF) flue dusts for recycling in the FSF smelting process.

Modernized waste heat boiler equipment

The project was to modernize existing equipment to meet the refinery plant’s current needs and capacity. The chain conveyor and airlock feeder are designed to withstand high temperatures, averaging 350 degrees Celsius.

The airlock feeder located under the crusher of the waste heat boiler is preventing air leakage to the boiler and feeding the flue dust to pneumatic conveyor. An 18-meter-long chain conveyor conveys the hot FSF flue dust forward in the process.

Tailored solutions

Modernization projects are often characterized by a lack of physical space, which usually make them more challenging. Solving these challenges is Laitex’s core competency, making it the market leader in tailored solutions. Our mission and attitude “Flow Must Go On” is reflected in everything we do.

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