Laitex Lead engineer Heikki Laitinen presenting a project Credit Mikko Nikkinen

Lead Engineer & Engineer (Mechanical)

Lappeenranta / Vantaa / Remote

Flow must go on and that’s what we do! We take care that process materials flow and process workers can do their job!

Are you interested in machine design in a really good gang without the bureaucracy?

We solve compatibility problems, combine the new and the old, and form entities that are more than the sum of their parts. Our equipment conveys e.g. biomaterials, wood chips, minerals or even waste for further processing, all of which have in common that they have to move from A to B in accordance with the requirements of their operating environment. Rarely easy, most often challenging. 😊 The versatility of the work is due to different industrial process applications, customers’ individual factory environments and the scope of technologies.


As a lead designer, you will be responsible for the technical implementation of the delivery projects together with the design team under your guidance. You know how to turn customer needs into technical solutions and communicate with project managers and customers. With us, you design world-class material handling solutions into process entities using modern design softwares (3D & PDM).


As a mechanical engineer, you solve technical solutions of delivery projects as the right hand of a lead designer. The equipment designed by us is implemented together with the manufacture. We concentrate in the quality of the equipment and easy-to-manufacture.



NOTE: We are not searching for unicorns! We design, i.e. make machines and equipment work and deal with steel structures and welding. All of this is done mainly in Finnish and with international customers in English. It’s enough that you know one of these languages well. You can work at our offices in Lappeenranta or Vantaa or even truly remotely. No one is a material handling professional at birth, so you’ll get orientated with the products and operating environment. And that’s a promise!

Got interested? Fill in the application form and add a free-form CV with your salary request by May 29, 2022 and tell us why you would be a good fit to our gang.

For more information on the job, contact:


Engineering Team Leader
+358 20 161 3307
[email protected]


VP, Projects
+358 20 161 3338
[email protected]


You can contact us at any time, but we won’t always be able to reply, so please leave a message and we’ll get back to you.