Amira Achek

Stora Enso's Oulu Mill pictured from above.

Laitex significantly involved in Stora Enso’s big investment in Oulu

Stora Enso, a leading provider of renewable products in the pulp and paper industry, has announced a significant billion-euro investment to convert an idle paper machine at its Oulu mill in Finland into a consumer board production line. As part of the investment Laitex will design and implement a completely new biofuel receiving station and the associated conveyors.

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20119 – A – LLT – ABR1 – Fuel Feeding system – No bg

Laitex is building a green transition to a paradise island

Laitex Oy has been doing business with Reunion paradise island in the Indian Ocean for the last couple of years. Laitex gave up its Russian operations in March. New opportunities have been found to replace it when Europe gives up Russian energy. Lappeenranta-based family business Laitex Oy is taking an increasingly stronger foothold in its green transition businesses.

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A man sitting next to a white conveyor.

Pneumatic conveyors to become a new product and business for Laitex

Known worldwide for their mechanical conveyors, Laitex is on the brink of starting a new business: pneumatic conveyors will become part of Laitex product portfolio this fall.
“We’ve been known for our world-class mechanical conveyors for a long time, but we’ve had to rely on our partners to deliver pneumatic conveyors for our projects. Now we are developing the capabilities to supply them from under our own roof”, says Laitex CEO Lasse Kurronen.

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Myyntipäällikkö Oskar Tjeder ja kaksi punaista kolakuljetin.

Recovery and fluidized bed boiler expert to strengthen Laitex team

Laitex has strengthened its sales team with an expert joining the company after making a career in the pulp and paper industry and power plants. As sales manager Oskar Tjeder is responsible for both new equipment and project sales as well as modernization and service sales.
“Oskar has a strong industry and market background through various international assignments both in project and service business. He also has a good contact base and solid relationships to the Swedish market”, says Laitex’ Head of Sales Timo Kupsanen.

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Konetekniikan opiskelija kokoamassa hihnakuljetinta.

As a summer trainee at Laitex’s assembly department

Every year, Laitex offers summer jobs for the mechanical engineering students of the local LUT University. Summer job in the assembly department familiarizes students with material handling equipment and their design on a practical level. First- and second-year mechanical engineering students Eeli and Juho started their summer job at the end of May. How has the work been going after a month?

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Plant in Gueandenloupe and a fuel feeding system in blue.

Power plant will modernize its fuel feeding system from coal to pellets and reduce emissions

The French-administered island of Guadeloupe has an Albioma owned Le Moule power plant, one of the longest-running power plants on the island. The plant has been in operation since 1998. It generates 31% of the island state’s electricity and utilizes locally produced, renewable energy sources. Laitex has modernized the power plant’s fuel feeding system from coal to biomass pellets and commissioning is imminent.

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Welder welding a conveyor.

Laitex invests in quality

Certificates are an important part of operations in today’s business. They are as a development tool for the company, but also as an indication to customers that the company operates in accordance with internationally agreed rules.

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