New Sales Director has started at Laitex

Timo Strengell, 43, has been appointed Sales Director of Laitex 2nd of January 2018.

“I look forward to working here at Laitex with these qualified and motivated co-workers. Agility and dynamics are outstanding in Laitex and I’m certain that we can achieve great results together by providing to our customers continuously improving services by expanding delivery scope even further to name one“ Timo tells.

Timo has graduated from Lappeenranta University of Technology in as master of Industrial Engineering and Management. He has worked mostly at UPM since mid-90’s with several tasks. In his latest assignment he was responsible of biochemical process integration and investment. He has also lived abroad for several years working with new business and development.

As a person, Timo is approachable and interested in all technical and commercial challenges. His special talent is to put together the big picture out of pits and pieces of fragmented information. He believes he can bring in know-how and experience to Laitex enabling the opportunity to grow together with the Laitex team.

”I’m glad to have Timo to part of our team and it also supports our growth strategy. It was important to get sales director, who has experience of international business and large projects. With Timo we can serve better our old and new customers” says CEO Lasse Kurronen.

Further information:

Lasse Kurronen, CEO
Tel. +358 40 067 9968

Timo Strengell, Sales Director
Tel. +358 20 161 3301